If you already have a domain name and have experience with updating DNS records, you can help us out by already taking the steps below.

If you don't own a domain yet, check out the availability and purchase them on one of these sites:

If you are ready to set up your experiment on a custom domain, get in touch with us at support@firmhouse.com as we need to link your desired domain in our server infrastructure. Please mention the custom domain on which you want to run your experiment. 

Preparing your domain's DNS records

Almost every domain name company provides you with a dashboard or control panel to configure your domain's so-called DNS records. You'll have to point one or multiple DNS-records to Airstrip.

Pointing the main domain to your Airstrip page:

Update and/or add the following DNS-records:

  • The top-level record of the domain should have a type "A"-record and should have the value "". The top-level record usually has the name "@" or it's empty.
  • A record with name "www" and of type "CNAME" should be there with value "airstrip.firmhouse.com."

Pointing a subdomain to your Airstrip page:

Update or add the following DNS-record:

  •  A record with name "YOURSUBDOMAIN" and of type "CNAME" should be there with value "airstrip.firmhouse.com."
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