Customisation options in Airstrip

You are able to change the following things:

  • Fonts and font-size

  • Colors

  • Shapes

Changes are applied to your whole website. Example: Choose your fonts once and Airstrip will apply it to every page your users see. The same goes for colors and shapes.

Access design settings by clicking on "Design" in the top right.

Selecting the fonts

When setting your fonts you can choose between font-presets or you can define your own fonts. 

Font presets are fonts that work well together. If you prefer to set your own click on "Set fonts manually".  

If you need to add a custom font that is not available from the list of provided fonts, please get in touch with us using the support chat on the bottom right.

Change the font size of your website

The "Apperance" section lets you choose between three sizes for your whole website: Small, Medium or Large. Changes you make will get applied to every page on your website.

Changing the color of your website

You can set two colors per Airstrip project: A main color and an accent color. You can use those colors across your project on things like buttons and backgrounds. The colors you choose get applied automatically to your whole website. Set it once and it gets applied to every page on your website.

Choose between a curated list of color palettes (combination of colors that work well together) or set your colors manually.  

Give your Airstrip page a different style

Set a style for your website. This will change the background shapes of your website. There are the three options.

Classic - straight edges, as you're used to it

Sharp - adds slanted edges 

Playful - adds playful waves to your website

Customising the style of your website

Every style comes with a few different shapes. In order to customise the look of a section, make sure to set a background to Colored. This will allow you to change the shape of a section and its color.


Changing the color of a button
Click on the button and set a color:

Do you have more questions? Reach out to use by using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page

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