Airstrip integrates with GoMonthly and allows you to collect payments straight from your Airstrip page. Follow these to steps to get up and running. 

Note: This article assumes you already have a GoMonthly account and project set up. If you don't have an account yet and would like to start collecting payments send us a message in the chat (Click the blue bubble in the bottom right and start a new conversation)

Step 1: Copy GoMonthly project token

Go to GoMonthly and navigate to "Integrations". Copy the project token. 

Step 2: Paste the code in Airstrip

Go back to Airstrip and open the project settings.

Scroll down to "GoMonthly payment integration" and paste the token. Don't forget to click save.

That's it! Your Airstrip project is now connected to GoMonthly. 

As a next step you now probably want to set up your products and/or plans in GoMonthly. If you have done that already go ahead and create a payment page in Airstrip. 

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