You can now integrate Firmhouse and Airstrip projects to run payment & subscription experiments, by adding payment pages in Airstrip and linking them to a Firmhouse project! Here I'm going to explain how to add payment pages to your experiment flow and edit them.

To find out how you can get a Firmhouse project and link it to your Airstrip project check out this post.

Adding a payment page to your Airstrip project

In Airstrip you can add a payment module to your experiment flow by clicking on the button "Add payment page". This will add a payment page to your flow, which you can name, and edit like your form page:

One important difference with editing a form page: you cannot change the input fields that are provided. This is to make sure subscribers fill out all the necessary details to make a record for them in your Firmhouse project and charge them and ship products.

Configuring your payment page

On your payment page you'll see a couple of terms that might confuse you at first. This is what you'll see at the bottom of your payment page:

  • The Term label is the text that will appear next to the "Do you agree with the general terms" box. Visitors will have to tick this before they can complete their registration.

  • The Marketing opt-in checkbox can be turned on so an additional checkbox will be shown that visitors can tick if they want to receive updates from you. 

  • The Marketing opt-in label is the text that will appear next to this checkbox.

  • The Submit button label is the text that will be on the button that the visitor will have to click on to submit the form.

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