In Dispatch you can create program stages and assign your teams to these. In this way you can see how your teams are doing according to your program's metrics and progress funnel. 

Assigning teams to program stages

You can view your existing program stages and add teams to them in the Program Overview. You can access this overview by selecting "Program" in the upper right corner of your screen and selecting "Program Overview" in the menu bar on the left. 

Here you can assign teams to already existing stages by clicking on the "Stage" box and picking the right stage. "Unassigned" means the team currently is not assigned to any stage.

Managing your program stages

You can manage your program stages by going to your Program Overview, and then selecting "Settings":

Simply enter a stage name and click on "Create team stage" to add a new stage, on "Rename" to rename an already existing one, and on the delete icon to get rid of a stage:

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