Getting too many emails on things happening in Dispatch? Or do you feel you're missing out on important stuff?

If so, you can change what events in Dispatch you'll be notified about via email. You can do this in two places: in Dispatch itself, or by clicking on a link in the notification emails you receive.

Changing notifications in Dispatch

To turn on & off notifications in Dispatch:

  • Click on your avatar in the top right corner

  • & Select Email Settings

Here you can turn on and off settings for all the different email notifications, including:

  • When a new experiment or assumption is created

  • When a new learning is added to an assumption

  • When the status of an experiment changes (from In Preparation to Running, from Running to Wrapping Up, etc.)

  • When a new progress report is submitted

  • Reminders for filling out a new progress report (sent out every 2 weeks)

You can also very easily unsubscribe from a particular notification mail by clicking on the "Click here to unsubscribe" link on the bottom of the notification emails you receive:

Note: This will only turn off emails for that specific Dispatch notification! Do you want to turn off all email notifications? Then head into Dispatch and follow the "Changing notifications in Dispatch" steps. 

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