To make the landing page you want in Airstrip you can add different sections to your landing page. Here's an overview of what types there are & how to use them:

The introduction area

The first section on your page is always the Introduction area, which you cannot move down. You can use this to:

  • Introduce your product / service and the problem it's solving, by including a catchy headline, description & logo. 

  • Convince your visitors to take action by clicking on a button or leaving their contact details. 

Next to that you can add the following types of sections to your page:

You can use the Features section to describe the different features of your product / service. You can edit the number of features to show up to 6.

How it works
Use this section to explain how your product / service works. You can include up to 6 steps, and choose to display icons or not. 

This section is for showing client testimonials, improving credibility of your product / service. You can add up to 4 testimonials.

Use the Team section to showcase your team. You can include up to 12 team members. 

The FAQ section is for showing Frequently Asked Questions. Use this section to already answer some questions you think visitors will have. You can add up to 10 questions + answers.

Use this section to tell about the pricing of your service / product. You can include up to 3 different pricing options, and choose to include a CTA button per pricing option, one for all, or none.

Or Call To Action. Use this section to incite your visitors to take action! By clicking on a button for example. You can also omit the button and use it to include quotes or different coloured blocks / images on your website for some variation.

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