You make landing pages in Airstrip by adding different sections to it and editing these. View this article for an overview of all the page sections available & and what to use them for. 

Here I'll tell you more about how to edit your page sections and add content:

Editing attributes of page sections 

Each page section has certain attributes you can edit. You can access these by clicking on the Settings button in the top-right corner of a page section. This will make a fly-out menu appear on the left, where you can edit the attributes. 

When you scroll to another page section this menu will automatically change so you're editing the section you're viewing right now:

Different page sections have different attributes, so add some sections and play around with the settings to see what you can do! Here's an example of editing the CTA section:

Adding content (text + images)

You can add content in the form of text and images to your page sections. 

Text can be edited by clicking on it in the editor and typing away! You can edit the text as well by selecting a portion of it, after which you can select from several options in a small menu that appears:

To add images to your page just click on the placeholder images that are there in the different page sections, and select the image you want to upload:

You can also add background images in the Introduction area and the CTA section. These are edited in the page Settings! As such:

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