Tracking the number of visits and conversions to your page is a crucial part of conducting an online landing page experiment. That's why in Airstrip you can also track these numbers! Here's how to do so:

Note: Visits you make on machines that were logged into Airstrip are filtered out, so they don’t influence the results. If you want to test whether visitor tracking is working, use a device you were never logged in on to visit the page.

The Analytics overview

You can see the number of visits your pages received by going to the Analytics overview, which can be found in the menu on the left:

If you go to this overview you can view the number of visitors per page in each of your variants:

Filtering statistics by date 

You can also filter on dates if you want to see statistics of a certain time period, by filling these out in the boxes on the top and clicking on "Filter":

Measuring conversions

We don't have a specialised conversion tracker in Airstrip yet at the moment, but if you want to track conversions you can take the number of visitors on for example your landing page vs your form page, and see what percentage of the first one ended up on the second one. 

Getting more in-depth statistics by implementing tracking code

You can also get more in-depth analytics by implementing tracking code on your pages, like Google Analytics code. 

If you want to read more about how to do this, check out this article

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