1. Add form page to your experiment

Navigate to your project (or create a new one) and click on "Add form page". Give it a descriptive name and you're good to go.

2. Add content to your section

The first section is already added for you. 

Per section you can

  • Add your logo (gets automatically applied to all other sections)

  • Add a headline and some text

  • Add as many form-fields as you want 

3. Create sections and navigate between them

On the left side you can navigate between your sections, adding a new one or deleting an existing one

Here's how that looks after you added a couple of sections:

4. Adding conditional logic to a section

Airstrip allows you to create smart surveys by adding logic jumps to a section. Logic jumps work on questions that are either Multiple choice or a Dropdown

In order to add a logic jump, go to the section that you would like to show if a question has been answered in a certain way. Then click on "Add logic jump"

You're then asked to set the requirements for the logic jump. Make sure to define which question on which section should be answered in which way.

You can add as many logic jumps as you'd like. 


Here's a very basic use case on how it can be useful: "I only want people to leave their email address if they indicated interest in giving feedback on the project I'm working on."

My setup for that is the following:

  • A section including a question that asks if the person is willing to give feedback

  • A section that asks for their email address

Now I only want to show the section with the email address if he/she chose to give feedback.

In order to do that, I go to the email section and add a condition for every multiple choice answer:

This ensures that the email section only gets seen if at least one option gets selected in the previous multiple choice question. In any other case the email question gets skipped and the survey goes to the next section

Renaming buttons

If you need to rename the "Next" and the "Submit" buttons you can do so by going to "Form details" in the sidebar. This will rename every button in the survey. All changes are applied instantly.

That's it! If you have any further questions please use the blue chat-bubble on the bottom right and get in touch with us!

Showing progress to the visitor

In case you have several form sections and want to show to the visitor how far they are, you can include a progress bar.

Do so by going to Form details and and select Yes for the "Multi-section progress indicator":

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