When creating a set of pages, aka an "experiment flow" in Airstrip, you might want to give visitors an easy way of navigating to different pages. In Airstrip you can do so by adding a menu! 

Read on to find out how to add one, edit it, and link to different pages of your experiment.

Adding a menu to your pages

You can add a menu when you've added a landing page to your experiment flow. You can access it in the Settings of the Introduction area:

Editing the menu

You have three options when editing your menu:

  • Change the number of menu items shown (up to 5)

  • Change the alignment of the menu (to the left, centre, or to the right)

  • Change the text of the individual menu item by clicking on them

Linking menu items to pages

You can link menu items to pages just like you would do with a regular button: by clicking on them, and selecting the page you want to link to:

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