Airstrip integrates with third-party services to easily add a cookie statement to your page. 

For regular tracking, like Google Analytics, you must provide a cookie statement. Here's an example:

Step 1: Find a third-party service

There are many free (and paid) solutions out there and in theory they should all work with Airstrip. Here are two of our favorite ones we have tested ourselves and work well with Airstrip:

2. Copy the code snippet

The third-party solution will ask you to copy a code-snippet. It can look something like this: 

3. Add the snippet to Airstrip

  • Select your Airstrip project and go to "Settings". 

  • Scroll down to "Analytics code" and paste your code-snippet

  • Save your changes

Here's a quick video showing you how to do that:

That's it. Your cookie notice should now show up on your Airstrip page. 

There are various options available to integrate more advance consent messages. We don't formally offer a recommended way to do that. However, here are a few services to give you a starting point:

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