To run a subscription business it's not only important to take care of shipping products to your customers and taking care of payments, but also to have a page showcasing your product and enabling customers to sign up.

With our toolset we've made this a breeze by integrating Firmhouse with our online page builder called Airstrip. Take the following steps to build a page and integrate it with your Firmhouse project:

1. Create a Firmhouse account, workspace & project

Create a Firmhouse account by going to
The first time you log in you're asked to create a workspace and project. After this you can switch to Airstrip by selecting it with the toolpicker in the top-left:

Note: Airstrip should be included in your license to be able to use it. Please contact us if you'd like to upgrade your license to use Airstrip.

2. Set up your pages in Airstrip

Go to your project and create your Airstrip pages:

3. Integrate your Airstrip and Firmhouse projects

Go into your Firmhouse project to find the integration token, and fill this out in your Airstrip project settings. This article explains you how to do this.

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