You can include buttons on your Airstrip pages, which you can link to other Airstrip pages in your flow or external pages.

Read here how to do so, and edit the content of buttons:

Linking a button

You can link a button by clicking on it, and selecting the option to link to from the "Link to" dropdown:

You have the following options:

  • External website. When choosing this option you're asked to provide the URL of the website you want to link to.

  • Send email. When choosing this clicking on the button will open the visitors mailing client and create an email to send. The email you provide here with automatically be entered as the "Send to" email address.

  • Other pages in your flow. These are ordered by variant.

  • Static pages. These include text pages like your privacy statement and disclaimer. Read this article for more on static pages.

  • A different section on your page. When choosing this option you can send people to a different section on your current page.

Make sure to click on "Save" after making your changes to link your button!

Editing your button

Editing the text

This is done easily by changing the "Button label" field:

Editing the style

You can style your button in the following ways:

  • Shape of the button: You can choose Primary, Alternative and Link as button styles. See this gif for a showcase:

  • Colour of the button: This is set either by the main colour (which you can set in the "Colors" setting you can find in the top-right), or light in case you've set the "Text color" setting in the fly-out menu on the left to "Dark":

  • Font of the button text: This is set by the main font, which you can change in the "Fonts" menu which you can find on the top-right.

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