Everything that you do and create on the Firmhouse platform is contained within Workspaces or Projects. You can get access to a workspace by creating one after signing up, or you can can added to a Workspace by a colleague.

All people that you invite and give access to a specific workspace will have access to the pages, forms, subscribers, and other data contained in that workspace. No other people wil have access to the data stored in a Workspace unless if you explicitly give them access. 

User roles

We offer a limited set of user roles that you can assign to a member of a Workspace. By selecting a specific role for a user within workspace, you can limit their access to certain features or certain data.

Here is a description of the roles we currently have in Dispatch and Airstrip:

  • Team member -  Access to all data in a Workspace, including pages an form submissions in Airstrip.

  • Mentor/Stakeholder - Can only access data in Dispatch, but not in Airstrip.

Here is a description of the roles we currently have in Firmhouse:

  • Project Manager - Access to all data and features in a project and only role that can add users to a project.

  • Team Member - Access to all data in the project  with limited access to features

Giving Firmhouse support employees access

Sometimes something weird happens or it's possible that a bug occurs. Firmhouse support employees can get access to a workspace to help debug or check something. We will either ask for your permission via our support channels to do so or you can give a Firmhouse employee access by adding them to your Workspace's members.

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