Get all the capabilities to run a recurring subscription based business.

Firmhouse is an end-to-end platform that allows you to launch product-as-a-service businesses, introduce membership models, and scale subscription services. We help you grow your business on long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

Firmhouse is provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and license model. 


  • Create the ultimate subscriber experience. 
  • Flexible and scalable workflow integration. 
  • Smooth management of recurring payments.
  • Manage risks, fulfillment, provisioning, cancellations and service delivery.  


We provide a platform to plug into to run your subscription business. These are the current partner services we offer and automate:

  • Payment providers: Stripe, Mollie.
  • Logistics: Active Ants. 
  • Financial and risk services: Focum, Intrum, Taxjar.
  • Middleware: Zapier (in beta), Google Sheets


Firmhouse offers full flexibility to configure and manage one or more subscription based offerings at small and large scale. 

The Firmhouse service and platform offers the following features and processes:

  • Hosting a consumer-facing signup web page in your own brand where your customers can subscribe to your rent your product. Check out more details here. 
  • Send automatic email notifications to customers on sign up, monthly payments and cancellation.
  • Collecting first-use payments and monthly charges via our payment processing partners.
  • Invoice generation and VAT coordination. Use TaxJar to automatically charge the correct taxes. 
  • Payment dunning and debt collection.
  • Refunds.
  • Subscriber management portal where your Customer Care team can view customer details and perform administrative activities like cancellation and send payment links.
  • Auditing report generation for your accounting systems.
  • Integration (via email or custom) with your own warehousing or fulfillment party.
  • Promotions options
  • Asset management. 

Additionally we can provide one-time customizations and/or integration with specific systems for launching or scaling your business case to production.

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