The Firmhouse Data Connection extension for Google Sheet is an integration to allow the import of subscriber data. This can be used for more detailed reporting, connecting with third-parties or internal systems.

Please note
The integration is a first beta/prototype and we haven't done rigorous testing yet. It has been used for good use, but it does contain some quirks (like only displaying 1000 subscribers and then stopping).


  • Google Sheets

  • Firmhouse account and Project access token

Install Firmhouse Data Connection Add-on

Search in Google Sheets for the Add-on Marketplace and search for "Firmhouse" which shows the "Firmhouse Data Connection"

Load subscriptions into Google Sheet

In the Add-ons menu you can go into Firmhouse Data Connection ->  "Load Subscriptions".

When selecting "Load Subscriptions" you will be asked to enter the Project Access token. This token can be found in the Firmhouse project under the "Integrations" settings page. Only users with the "Project Manager" role are able to view and manage this token. If a token hasn't been generated yet for the project, contact your administrator.

If the connection is successful it will import the subscriber data for the selected project.

Use the Load Subscriptions menu item any time you need an update of the subscriptions.

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