The Firmhouse platform offers your subscribers a way to manage their subscription. We call it the Self Service Centre. 

Everyone that signed up for your subscription will be able to log in and manage their subscription. Your customers log in using the email address they used to sign up for your subscription. 

In this article you will learn:

  • What your customers can do in there

  • How to set it up for your project and customise it for your brand

  • How your customers can access it (and how you can test it yourself)

What customers can do in there

Once logged in, your customers can:

  • See a breakdown of their monthly costs

  • Accept, Snooze or Reject an upcoming order (for Smart order based subscriptions)

  • Adjust the shipping date of their next order and update shipping frequency (for Smart order based subscriptions)

  • Find all receipts

  • View previous orders (for Smart order based subscriptions)

  • Cancel their subscription

How to set it up for your project

The self service centre is part of Airstrip - our tool to create your online storefront. If you haven't done already, sign up for it here. It's part of your trial and the Firmhouse platform. 

In order to set up your self service centre you have to connect your Airstrip project to your Firmhouse project

Once connected, you can find it in your Airstrip project on the left hand side.

That's it. You don't have to do anything else. It's already set up and ready to be used by your customers. 

Now let's learn how your customers can access it. 

How to let your customers access the self service portal

Let's first have a look on which URL you can access it. 

If you haven't set up a custom domain(add link) then it is accessible via

Once you configured a custom domain it will be accessible via

The easiest way to access it though is by going into Airstrip and clicking on "View" 

Make sure that you communicate this link to your customers. Either by email or by linking to it from your website

If you're using Airstrip to build your storefront we provide an easy way to link to it.

Click on any button and choose "Link to: Self service centre".

Customising it

We offer you some basic ways of customising your self service portal. 

To customise it, go into Airstrip and click on "Self service centre" 

On the right hand side you will see a preview of the self service portal with some static content. On the left hand side you can add your Logo and set an accent color. 

If you need to make more advanced changes and are familiar with HTML/CSS you can find a place to add custom CSS at the bottom. 

Customising the login email

You are able to customise the login email that gets sent out once a customers enters their email address to log in to your self service centre:

In your Firmhouse project, go to "Email configuration" and scroll all the way to the bottom.

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