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Offer individual products as a monthly subscription (add-ons)
Offer individual products as a monthly subscription (add-ons)
Learn how to set up products so your customers can subscribe to them on a monthly basis
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This article will cover how you can sell individual products on a monthly basis. If you are looking for a way to sell multiple products as part of a bundle/plan, click here.

Imagine the following use case

You are offering furniture on a subscription basis. Part of your offering involves bundling products into plans: Living Room Set, Bedroom Set, etc.... 

But you also want to offer customers a way to subscribe to an additional lamp or standing desk. Either to customers already on one of your plans or to new customers. 

That's what we call an "add-on" product. In this article you will learn how to set these up using Firmhouse.

Step 1: Create your product in Firmhouse

Go to Settings > Products and create all the products you would like to sell as add-ons. The most important thing here is to set the monthly price. This is what your customers will be paying for every month. 

Step 2: Create an empty Base Plan

We require every new subscription to be on a plan. So you want to create a base plan with €0 monthly costs that can hold your add-on products. 

Go to Settings > Plan and create a new plan. 

  • Make sure the monthly amount is €0. 

  • We are also asking for an initial amount to be paid upon signup to verify the payment method. You can set that to €1.

  • Don't add any products to this plan

  • You will only have to do this once. 

Step 3: Create a payment page for your new plan

Head over to Airstrip. Make sure Airstrip is connected to Firmhouse before you proceed. Then create a new payment page. Select "Base Plan" when setting up
the new page. 

Now you are all set up to offer your products as add-ons. Let's now have a look at how to properly link to your checkout page. 

Step 4: Include products in the checkout page

You can load in any products by adding adding ?products=product-name at the end of this URL. 

Here's an example that pulls in the living room lamp

To reference the proper product, use the product slug that you can find in your products overview in Firmhouse.  

You can also combine products using a comma-separator: ?products=product-one,product-two

You can create as many links as you like. One payment page can work with as many products as you wish. You will only have to change the product slug. Here are some examples, using just one payment page:

Step 5: Link to your new payment page

You can now use these links anywhere and send people to the checkout page. 

If you are using Airstrip to build your online presence, click here to learn how to set links.

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