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What is Firmhouse?

Here for the first time? Take a look at how we can help you run your subscription commerce business.


Product improvements & other updates related to the Firmhouse platform

The various ways of selling with Firmhouse

Guides and explanations on setting up various ways of selling products with Firmhouse

Setting up your project

Learn about the most important settings for your project and where to find them.

Cart, Checkout, and Sign up

Learn how to sign up customers and connect to your existing e-commerce.

Self Service / Customer Account Portal

Learn how your customers can manage their subscription and account.

Managing customers and their subscriptions

Learn how to access customer details and how to update or cancel subscriptions.

Failed payments and dunning

Dealing with and preventing failed payments and outstanding invoices

Orders, fulfilment, and logistics

Learn how how to manage orders and ship products to customers.

Login and account questions

Everything you need to know to get started on the Firmhouse platform

Asset tracking

Manage, monitor, and assign physical products to customers. Currently in limited access.

Sell through Service Channels

Use distributors, retail stores, and other service providers to sell and service your products

Using with Shopify
Apps and Integrations
Reports and Exports

Downloading reports and exports from Firmhouse

Enterprise Tenants

Features available to Enterprise Tenants on Firmhouse

Developer Resources

Get started with Firmhouse Integrations!

Set up and operate your recurring model with Firmhouse

How to configure and operate your recurring business model: Payments, Logistics, CRM; as well as everything you need to know about taking care of your customers happy when using Firmhouse (formerly GoMonthly)