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Editing emails sent out to customers

How to edit emails that are sent out to customers for your subscription service in Firmhouse

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When running a subscription service and renting out your products, there are many instances where you have to notify your customer of something by sending out an email. 

In Firmhouse you can edit all these emails in the portal. Just click on Email configuration and scroll down to head to the "Email content" section:

Here you can select what type of email you want to edit in the dropdown menu, and change the subject of the email & the content:

Adding system variables

You can also add variables stored in the system like a customer's name, the monthly price of the product, etc. by clicking on the "+" icon in the top-right of the editing screen:

For a list of all the variables you can use in emails, see this article.

Testing your emails

If you want to make sure everything looks the way you want it to, you can send out a test email by clicking on Send a test mail. Just enter your email address and you'll get the email in your mailbox, and can check whether everything looks fine:

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