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Finding a customer

How to find a specific customer in the Firmhouse database

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You're starting to get more and more customers for your subscription service, awesome! But with more customers it also becomes harder to find a specific one if you want to see their details. So how do you find a specific customer quickly in your Firmhouse project?

There are two ways:

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ Look up the customer by email or ID in the Firmhouse project portal.Β 

This is the view where you end on when you've just logged in, and can see all the projects you're part of. Just enter the customer's email or ID in the field below "Find customer":

↩️ How to return to this screen
If you're viewing your project you can easily return to this screen by clicking on the Firmhouse logo in the top-left corner:

🎫 What the customer ID is
The customer ID is the unique number we give to a customer in our database. You can find this in various emails sent out by us, like for example emails alerting you of a failed payment by a customer.

πŸ”Ž Use the Find function in your browser

In most browsers you can look for specific text on a page by using the Find function. You can usually access these by using the shortcut command + f or ctrl + f.Β 

If you use this when viewing your project and customers, you can use this feature and enter the email, name or ID of the customer to find them.

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