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Sending out Track and Trace emails to customers
Sending out Track and Trace emails to customers

How to edit & send out emails containing a shipment's Track & Trace code to customers

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Many delivery services provide Track & Trace codes with their shipments, so customers can track the status of their package, and when it will arrive.

If you have a Track and Trace code for a customer, you can easily send share it with them via email in Firmhouse. Here are the steps for doing so:

1. Enable Track and Trace codes for your project

You can do this by:

  • Going to Email configuration which you can find on the left-side menu (under "Settings")

  • Scroll down and check off the Track and trace email checkbox:

  • Click on Update project in the top-right to save your changes

2. Edit the Track and Trace email sent out to the customer

Before you send out a Track and Trace email you want to adjust the content to make sure it represents your product and brand well. You can do so by:

  • Going to the Email configuration menu on the left

  • Scrolling down to the Email Content section

  • Select Order track and trace in the "Select email to edit" dropdown menu:

  • Enter the subject and content of your email

  • Click Send a test email to check whether the mail looks alright

To include variables in the system, like the name of the customer and the track and trace code, click on the "+" icon to include it in the email:

3. Send the track and trace code to the customer

You can do this by:

  • Looking up the customer in the customer overview and clicking on their profile

  • Scroll down to the "Track and trace" section and click on the Send track and trace button:

  • Enter the Track and trace code to be sent to the customer, and click on Send track and trace email

  • After doing so you'll see a confirmation of the track and trace code being sent and the date on which it was sent:

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