There are a couple of emails that are sent out automatically from Firmhouse to customers. You want to make sure that customers recognise the email as being from you, and can send a reply to the right email address so you can pick up important support requests.

To do so you can set the "From" and "Reply to" email address for Firmhouse emails in the following way:

  1. Go to Email configuration in the menu on the left (underneath "Settings")

  2. Go to the first section called General

  3. Enter the email address that should appear next to "From:" in the From email address box

  4. Enter the name you want to appear next to the email address om the From email name box

  5.  Enter the email address that replies should be sent to in the Reply to address box. If customers pick the "Reply to" option for an email, it will automatically fill out the email address entered here.

  6. Click on the Update project button in the top-right to confirm your changes!

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