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Viewing customer details

What information you can find on the Customer detail page & how to use it

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The Customer detail page is accessed when clicking on a customer in the Customers overview. It shows you all the details about a specific customer. 

Here an overview of what's shown, and how to use this information:

Subscription details

Here you can find all details about this customer's subscription, including the status, how long they've been subscribed for, and how much they paid till now:

Customer details

Here you can find all the personal details about the customer, including name, address, and contact details.

Track and trace

Here you can choose to send out a track and trace code to the customer, and in case a code has already been sent out you can see the details. 

Note: to send track and trace codes you first need to activate this in the Email configuration overview.

Return label

Here you can send out a return label to a customer for sending back their device in case they decide to cancel their subscription.

Payment history

Here you can see an overview of all planned and paid payments by the customer and their details. 


Here you can find an overview of all invoices made to the customer.

Active products

Here you can view all the products a customer has subscribed to. You can:

  • Set the next date for shipping the product or ship it right now

  • Set the interval on which to ship the product

  • Remove the product for a certain customer

Email history

Here you can find all emails planned or already sent out to the customer. This includes planned as well as already sent out emails: 

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