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What happens when a customer's payment fails?!
What happens when a customer's payment fails?!
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Unfortunately, you can't always guarantee that your customer will pay their invoice on time or sometimes that they'll pay, at all, one month. 

  • When a payment fails for insufficient funds a retry of that same payment will be scheduled 2 days from the moment it fails. 

  • This process is executed a maximum of 3 times after the first charge, for a single payment. After the third retry (4 attempts total) the customer and subscription is marked as non-paying.

  • We only retry if the failure reason is Insufficient funds. Any other reason and the customer will be marked as non-paying after the first payment attempt. 

  • The Insufficient funds status is determined by the payment service provider.

  • When a payment is scheduled for an automatic retry you can't retry it manually*.

  • If a payment is scheduled for retry, the date of the retry attempt will be displayed on the customers payment record.

  • The retry of the original payment, will be shown as a dropdown of the original            payment.

*Manual payments follow the same parameters with the exception that the first manual payment is already considered a 'retry', so our system only retries 2 more times.

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