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What is Firmhouse?
Everything you need to know about launching and running a subscription business!
Everything you need to know about launching and running a subscription business!

An overview of all operational processes when running a subscription business with physical products

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So you've decided to launch a new subscription business and have found exactly the right platform to do it... Firmhouse!

We're here to walk you through all the steps of using our platform to make running your subscription business as smooth as possible.

Where to start?! 

If you don't yet have a landing page where your customers can find everything they want to know about your product, you'll want to set one up! Here you can read how to do that. 

Now that you have a landing page up and running it's time to start attracting customers and understanding how you can manage that. 

When you open Firmhouse you'll see an overview of all your projects and customers. You'll want to know how to navigate that page and find a customer. Once you find the customer you're looking for you might be interested to read about the kind of details you'll find

You always have the option of having a full overview of your customers. Curious to learn how you can filter certain customers into paying, non-paying, pending cancellation, or cancelled? Jump over here.

Things are going pretty well at this point, you have a sweet landing page, you have this great tool to manage your customer base, but now you have to send out what you've promised. We all appreciate having a track & trace code so we know when and where our package is being delivered. Here's how you can also provide track & trace codes to your customers!

You also might want to send automated emails to your customers to welcome them to your product or confirm they're sign up. Here you can learn how to configure those emails. Did you also create a cool new email account you want your customers to use to find you if they have a burning question? This explains how you can change which email address your emails are sent from and/or replied to

Now, of course, we hope all your customers pay for their subscription on time, but unfortunately that is not always the case and you might need to send your customer a direct invoice for a missed payment. Well, we've got a solution for that too!

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