By default, a subscription automatically starts after a customer goes through your checkout process. However, GoMonthly offers the option to manually activate subscriptions. 

How manual activation works

  • The customer gets charged the initial amount (set in your GoMonthly project)
  • The subscription doesn't start yet after the customer goes through your checkout process
  • No monthly (or recurring) fees get charged yet
  • Nothing gets shipped out yet
  • The customer gets added to GoMonthly as a subscriber but its status is set to inactive 
  • You have to manually activate the subscription in order for any product to ship / any fee to get charged

Why would you want to use manual activation?
Here are some reasons why some of our customers use manual activation:

  • You first want to perform a background check on your customer before charging / shipping your product
  • There is additional setup involved before you can charge your customer / ship your product

How to manually activate a customer

Set the activation strategy to "Manual activation"
In the sidebar, click on "Subscription model" and then scroll to "Activation strategy". There you can set it to "Manual activation". Don't forget to save by clicking on Update project" 

Find the customer in the Customers view

First you have to find the customer that you want to activate on your subscription. 

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Once someone goes through your checkout flow you will receive an email. In that email there is a link that takes you directly to the detail page of the customer.
  2. Use the Customers view: An inactive status indicates that you have to activate the subscription manually. Click on the customer that you want to activate.

Activate the subscription
Right at the top you will find a button to activate the subscription ("Activate subscription"). Clicking the button will activate the subscription right away. You will get a success message if everything went well.

What happens after you activate a subscription

  • The logistics flow (if set up) will get initiated and the product starts to get shipped
  • Based on your payment setup, the customer will get charged
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