How to set up logistics with a 3rd Party
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Firmhouse works with our partner Active Ants to provide logistics and fulfillment services for our clients. 

In the event that you choose to use a different provider, there are some important details important details you should know and need to think about. 

∙ You or your logistics partner will need to provide an email address that will collect the orders triggered by our platform to trigger shipments.

  • This can be configured in the Email Configuration settings.

∙ You will need to decide if you will manually upload Track & Trace codes into the Firmhouse platform so that our system can automatically send those to customers or if your logistics partner will work with a shipping partner to send these out.

  • If you choose to enable automatic Track & Trace codes you can enable these emails in the Email Configuration settings

∙ You will need to decide how your orders are integrated in your SAP system; will this be a manual or automatic integration?

∙ How often will your logistics provider provide you with a report of shipments?

∙ What will the return process look like? Will you include a return label in the initial shipment? Will you verify a customer needs to return their device before sending them a shipping label?

∙ What kind of template does our product send out to a logistics party and what does that include?

Our standard shipment request automatically triggered by our platform includes the following:

  • customer's name, 

  • address details, 

  • email, 

  • phone number, 

  • a customer ID, 

  • a unique order

  • the amount of the product ordered, 

  • product name, and 

  • identifier code (SKU, EAN, UPC).

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