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Our platform supports a multitude of different emails you can send out to your customers depending on your subscription model and flow. Below you'll find a list of all our currently supported emails.

Confirmation Email - this is sent automatically, as soon as a subscriber signs up so this cannot be configured to be sent or not 

Cancellation Confirmation Email - If you have two-step cancellation flow configured this email will be sent upon a customer's cancellation (cancellation triggered by either customer care or by the customer via self-service) 

Cancelled Email - This is sent when cancelling a subscription, by default. If the two-step cancellation flow is configured this will be sent once the device is confirmed to have been returned. 

Shipped Product Email - This is the email that gets sent out when a Track & Trace code is entered on the Subscription detail page. The Order Track & Trace email is preferred to this email as this feature is now outdated. 

Charge Notification Email - This is sent every month if on a monthly lease model or dynamically if, for example, a new order is triggered only when requested by the customer. This occurs when the payment is initiated for activated customers. 

Buy Now Confirmation Email - This is an email that gets sent out when someone confirms their device purchase on the purchase page. This is essentially a receipt for their device purchase. This is only applicable to a Try & Buy subscription model.

Purchase Offer Email - This relates to the Buy Now Confirmation email. A Purchase offer can be triggered via the portal if purchasing price and options are configured in the project. This Purchase Offer email contains an explanation of how and for what price the customer can purchase the device that they might currently have on lease. This is currently, not supported with all project setups. 

Failed Payment Email - This is sent after a customer has a failed payment. (We recharge automatically 3 times if a payment is missed, before this is sent). This needs to be enabled in your project Email Configuration settings. 

Order Announcement Email - This email gets triggered for "on demand" subscriptions when an item that can be replenished is ready. The customer can then accept, snooze, decline, etc. 

Order Confirmation Email - This is the email that gets sent out when you accept an order previously announced via the "Order Announcement" email. 

Order Track & Trace Email - This is the email that gets sent out when an order is shipped, including the Track & Trace code. 

End of Project Email - This is a one time email to be sent out sent to customers as part of an end of life project. Essentially, this is one email we could sent out with a message like "Thank you for participating in this pilot, we'll now cancel your billing, you can keep your device." *Important to note: This is not immediately supported as generally available. 

End of Subscription Email - This email gets sent out when the "end of lease term" setting is configured for a Project. This email is for example used in a Try & Buy proposition where a subscription was automatically cancelled when the customer reached their 14th month, as they will have paid enough monthly terms for the full commercial retail price. 

Customer Feedback Email - Email that gets sent out at the stated month if enabled. 

Customer Feedback Reminder - Email that gets sent out as a reminder for people to fill out their customer feedback if they haven't done so. 

Return Label Email - This is an email (with return label attachment) that can be sent out to the customer to instruct them how to return their device. 

**As not all projects have a return label available or generated, we use the Cancellation Confirmation as an alternative that will include instructions to send back the device right away. 

Device Return Reminder Email - This is sent one month after the cancellation of a subscription if the device is yet to be returned. This can be configured to be sent as often as you like after the 1 month period. 

Outstanding Invoices Email - This email can contain an overview of outstanding invoices in the case that a customer is marked as "non-paying". 

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