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Configuring your Plan-Based Subscription Model
Configuring your Plan-Based Subscription Model
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When configuring your Firmhouse environment, one of the first items you'll need to configure is your subscription model!

You'll find the option to configure this in your Settings.

Authorization Fee

You'll first need to consider the amount you want to charge customers to verify their payment method. The authorization fee is used whenever your customer updates their payment method, or if you do not collect payment upon sign up. We recommend setting this to 0.10 regardless of the currency.* 

*If you are using Stripe Connect this needs to be set to a minimum of 0.50.

Moment of the first charge

The second configuration option to consider is whether you will charge customers immediately upon sign up both an initial fee and their first monthly fee or you want to offer a free month or two or three or you want to charge customers right away upon sign up the same amount as their monthly fee.

This setting should be set to 0 only if you wish to charge your customer the monthly fee right after activation. For all other cases, this should be set at least to 1. 

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