Collecting Additional Customer Details
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The Firmhouse checkout page offers a standard selection of fields to collect customer data:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • House/Building/Apartment Number

  • Street Name

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Country

  • Phone Number

  • Email

Depending on your proposition offering it's possible you want to collect additional details from your customer, like their date of birth or their drivers license number, for example. 

Extra Fields

With extra fields you can collect any additional details required.

This feature can be accessed via the "Checkout" menu, "Extra fields and Validations" submenu on the left. Here you can Create, Edit and Delete an extra field.

You can enter the following details for an Extra field:

  • Name: The name of this field. Name is displayed on checkout (only for public visibility fields) and inside Firmhouse platform to identify this extra field.

  • Field type: What kind of field, ie. Single line, Multi line, Date, Single Select.

  • Visibility: Choose whether you want this field to appear on checkout for the customer to fill in, or use this field for your internal purposes.

  • Required: Check if it's a mandatory field to fill in (only for public visibility fields).

Benefits of this feature

Here's a list of benefits this feature offers:

  • Extra Fields have their own Field type, which means you can define what the value stored in the extra field is. 

  • Currently supported Field types: Single line text, Multi line text, Date, Select (with predefined values)

  • You can choose Public or Internal Visibility options for your Extra fields. You can collect customers' information on checkout with Public fields and use Internal fields for CRM purposes.

  • An Extra Field can be marked as being Required making it a required field when a customer is created (only for public visibility fields).

  • The Value of Extra Fields can be edited per subscriber.

  • You can re-order the extra fields in so that they appear in a predefined order in your checkout form.

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