Configuring Products

Learn how to create a product your customers can subscribe to

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In configuring your subscription proposition you'll need to create one or more products your customers can select from in order for them to set up their subscription.

The first step to creating a new product is to find the Products tab in your Settings.

You can then select to create a New product.

Product name

You'll need to give your product a name, so that it's clear which product(s) your customer is choosing and so that if you have a plan-based subscription model it's clear which product belongs to which plan.

Product identifier

The product identifier is important for your logistics. Do you have a SKU, a EAN, or a UPC? 1, 2, or 3? You can enter any kind of identifier in this field. 

Price for this product

What is the individual cost of this product? This is important because the cost here will determine the cost of a plan. 


If you have an image of the product, you can upload that here. This image will then be displayed when your customer is checking out and it can be used in your email correspondence. 


Now that you've configured the basics, you'll also need to determine the logistical settings for your product.

The first item you need to configure is how often the product will get shipped. Will it be shipped only on sign up (only once) or will it be shipped every month, 1 every 2 weeks, 1 every 3 months?

Determining how often the product will be shipped will inform your logistics provider when to ship the product.

Next, you'll need to determine when to ship the initial product. Do you want to ship it immediately upon activation? Maybe you want to wait a predetermined time or you want to arrange the shipping on your own pace. You can then select 'Ship manually'.

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