When the time comes, you might want to stop offering a specific product or service, or stop using Airstrip altogether. There are a few ways to handle this:

When you are using a custom domain

Redirect domain

When you have a custom domain configured with your Airstrip pages, the simplest solution is to redirect that to a new location. When customers visit the url, they will see the new location and not the store or self service center.

Alternative, change landing page

The visitors see the current landing page, if you change the contents on your landing page and remove any links to the order page and checkout, no orders will be done.
It's still best practice to remove the checkout pages, and/or stop the possibility within Firmhouse

Disable new subscriptions

To stop new subscriptions being created, disable this in Firmhouse settings.
Go to Settings -> Technical -> Maximum active subscriptions
Set this to 0 to stop new subscribers.

This will show a "Sold out" message on the checkout page.

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