Change customer order interval

For order-based subscriptions, it's possible to update the interval when your customer gets the product shipped.

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Please note: This article is only relevant if your Firmhouse Project is an Smart Order-based subscription. 

Default Logistic Order Interval

The replenishment schedule of your subscription is set per product.
Via Settings -> Products -> Edit product, you can see the default logistics schedule of this product. Is it shipped once or every x days/weeks/months.

Change interval on Customer request

What if one of your subscribers is requesting a change to this schedule? Do they want it more often or less often?
Visit that subscribers overview page via the Customers menu.
On this subscribers page, go via the Plans & Products menu item to the Active products section.

There are 2 different things you can do here with regard to the shipment:

  • change only the next shipment date, or 

  • update the delivery interval for the future deliveries

Change the next shipment date

If the customer only wants to have the next shipment date changed, for instance one week earlier because of a specific event, use the "Edit" button.
There you can edit the next shipment date, press Update to confirm.

Update the delivery interval 

If the customer wants a more or less regular delivery for all future orders, use the "Interval" button. This shows the following options, where you enter the new interval. This example changes the interval to "every 2 weeks".

Customer changes order frequency in Self Service Center

It's possible for you customers to change their order frequency, when you have the Self Service Center (SSC) set up.

This is what your customer will see when they log in. There they can change the order frequency by using the change link.

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