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Using Firmhouse Payments as payment provider

Everything you need to know about using Firmhouse Payments

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With Firmhouse Payments, you can accept payments from your customers without the need of a separate payment provider account. Firmhouse Payments is built on top of the the excellent payments infrastructure by payment provider Stripe.

Firmhouse Payments is currently in limited availability. Please reach out to us to learn if using Firmhouse Payments is possible for your business.

Configuring Firmhouse Payments

You can choose Firmhouse Payments as your payment provider from the Payments page in your Firmhouse project settings. In the section below

After choosing Firmhouse Payments as payment provider, our team will need to collect information from your business to activate receiving payments. You will also need to approve the Stripe Connect terms&conditions.

The information described below will be uploaded to Stripe as part of the required Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

Information about your business

Please be prepared to provide at the following information of your business to our team:

  • Tax ID

  • Business Website. No website? An App Store Link, social profile or product description will work.

  • Phone Number

  • Address

  • Proof of Business Registration. What are accepted document types?

  • Your banking information

Depending on the location or type of company, you may need to provide additional information needed to set up Firmhouse Payments.

Information about the bank representative for payouts

Firmhouse Payments requires a verified representative of the account.

The representative must be able to stay long enough with the company and be considered the 'owner' of the account and can agree to the payment provider terms and conditions.

We require the following information from the representative:

  • Job Title

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Copy of ID, Front & Back

Support for countries, currencies, and payment methods

Currently we support accepting payments with all major cards, iDeal (The Netherlands), and SEPA direct debits.

Firmhouse Payments is currently in limited availability depending on your location, currency, and business type. Please reach out to us to learn if Firmhouse Payments is available for your business.

Payout Rhythms

We have the ability to pay out collected revenues on a weekly or monthly basis:

  • The weekly payout will happen on each Monday.

  • The monthly payout will happen each first or second business day after the end of the calendar month.

*Note that the actual payout might take a few days before it hits your account.

We’ll report on the collected revenues in the same frequency as the payouts happen. We make sure that the payout data matches the revenue report data.

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