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More information on fees and payments
More information on fees and payments

This article describes how Firmhouse collects payments for all possible service items we offer

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This article describes how Firmhouse collects payments for all possible service items we offer. It serves the purpose to inform our customers properly about the fees we charge, how we charge them, and what is included in those fees.

Overview of fees

We charge a variety of fees at Firmhouse for people to use our platform. This allows our customers to pick the plans and pricing that fit their business model the best, as we want to help grow these customers to offer subscription services successfully:

  • Base platform usage license fees

  • Subscriber fees

  • Third-party services

  • Service packages

  • SLAs

  • One-off fees such as onboarding fees

You can also check for the pricing plans.

What our own license and subscriber fees cover

The core of our platform consists of the base license fee and the subscriber fees*. These fees cover:

  • General access to our platform and to all features**.

  • Costs for transactional emails.

  • Costs for other transactional communication such as SMS for payment dunning etc., (if applicable).

  • Costs for address validation by Matrixian Group.

  • Costs for built-in dynamic tax calculation by Taxjar (if applicable).

  • Marginal costs of hosting on our platform.

  • Onboarding assistance, product support, etc.

  • Firmhouse Payments account fees and payout fees (if applicable), but not the payment processing fees by either Firmhouse Payments or any other third-party payment service provider.

*The subscriber fees will always be based on the net revenue (ex VAT) which our customer earned for a proposition in the previous calendar month.

**Some plans have restrictions to the number of users and propositions.

Additional services

We can also provide other services of our own, which depend on the specific needs of (mostly corporate) customers:

  • Additional operational service packages

  • Technical or operational SLAs

  • One-off fees

We invoice these fees alongside the base fees at the start of the month. In addition, we invoice the one-off fees preferably at the start of a new contract, as soon as the quote is accepted.

Firmhouse acts as a software platform. We offer third-party services on top of our own, which we resell. Such as:

  • Stripe Connect payment processing fees (see Firmhouse Payments)

  • Active Ants

  • Focum

  • Intrum (coming soon)

In case you're using Firmhouse Payments, please also check this specific article on how we invoice you in that case.

Check out our partner page for all the available partner services:

Payment and payment terms

We collect owed payment and fees by invoicing customers at the start of the month for any license fees and after the calendar month for any subscriber fees and third-party services. If possible we'll gather all these fees on a single invoice, which means that it contains:

  • The license fees and SLA(s) (if applicable) for the current calendar month

  • The subscriber fees of the past calendar month based on actual use

  • The third-party service fees of the past calendar month based on actual use

Our invoices have a payment term of 30 calendar days.

Customers can opt to pay certain fees in advance and put a retainer in place which commits them to a minimum use over a fixed timeline. In case the retainer is substantial and covers at least 12 months of commitment in advance, we'll apply a 4% discount. Such a retainer will specify what fees are paid in advance.

Our default currency for charging fees is EUR. By exception, we can also invoice customers in USD and GBP in the event you have obtained an Enterprise license.

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