As with any e-commerce platform you are able to give discounts to your customers.

However there are some differences to regular e-commerce discounts.

How a discount works depends on the type of subscription business you are running

This is what you defined at the very beginning. Most likely you chose the first option.

Let's go through them:

Product as Service Subscription discounts will apply to all future payments of a customer.

Example: Offer a 20% discount on the first 3 months of a scooter rental subscription.

Smart Order-based subscription discounts apply to all future orders a customer places.

Example: You want to offer a 10% discount for the first two pay-per-order coffee boxes.

How to gives discounts

Discounts in Firmhouse work like this:

  1. Create a discount
  2. Activate it
  3. Apply it to a plan, product or customer

1. Creating a discount

Click on "Discounts" in the sidebar. Here you can create, edit, activate and deactivate your discounts.

Click on the green button in the top right to create a new discount.

Creating a discount is straight forward. You give it an internal name, choose the discount % and the amount of times a discount should apply.

Good to know: There is an option to apply the discount to all new signups. If you check that box it will apply the discount to everyone signing up for your subscription. Regardless of which plan or product they sign up for.

2. Activate the discount

Every discount you create is deactivated at first for your own safety. You have to manually activate it.

That also means you can deactivate it at any time if you wish to no longer run this discount.

Now you have a discount that you can use. Let's have a look at how to apply it

3. Apply the discount

There are three ways to apply this newly created discount:

  1. Apply it to a plan: If a customer signs up for that plan, the discount will be applied
  2. Apply it to a product: If a customer signs up for that product, the discount will be applied
  3. Manual discounts: If you need to give a discount only to a specific customer

Applying it to a plan

Go to "Plans" in the sidebar and edit the plan on which you would like to give a discount. Scroll down to "Discounts" and choose which discount should apply.

Applying it to a product

Go to "Products" in the sidebar and edit the product on which you would like to give a discount. Scroll down to "Discounts" and choose which discount should apply.

Giving a manual discount to a customer

Click on "Customers" in the sidebar and find your customer. Click on it to open the subscribers detail page. Scroll down to "Applied discounts" and click on "Apply discount"

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