Giving discounts to your customers

How to apply discounts and create discount codes

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As with any e-commerce platform you are able to give discounts to your customers.

In Firmhouse, discounts can also apply to recurring payments and orders.

  • In the case of a Product as Service subscription business, discounts will apply to all future payments of a customer. Example: Offer a 20% discount on the first 3 months of a scooter rental subscription.

  • In the case of a Smart Order-based subscription business, discounts apply to all future orders a customer places. Example: You want to offer a 10% discount for the first two pay-per-order coffee boxes.

Note: If a discount code is used at checkout, the initial payment or initial order will also get the discount applied.

Not sure which type of subscription business your Firmhouse project is running on?

  • If you can see a menu item called "Plans" in the sidebar you are running a Product as a Service Subscription project

  • If you don't see "Plans" in the sidebar you are running a Smart order-based subscription project

How to gives discounts

Discounts in Firmhouse work like this:

  1. Create a discount

  2. Apply it to a plan, to a customer, or create a discount code.

The first step is to create a discount:

1. Creating a discount

Click on "Discounts" in the sidebar. Here you can create, edit, activate and deactivate your discounts.

Creating a discount is straight forward. You give it an internal name, choose the discount % and the amount of times a discount should apply.

Good to know: There is an option to automatically apply the discount to all new signups. If you check that box it will ALWAYS apply the discount to everyone signing up for your subscription regardless which items are in their cart. This can be useful if you are running a side-wide promotion. You are able to deactivate that discount at any time.

If you checked this box you will first need to activate the discount by clicking on the green "Activate button" after creating the discount.

2. Applying the discount

There are three ways to apply your newly created discount:

  1. Automatic on a Plan: If a customer signs up for that plan, the discount will be applied automatically.

  2. Via Discount Codes at Checkout. Learn more how to create discount codes here: Creating discount codes

  3. Applying manually to a customer: If you need to give a discount only to a specific customer after they have signed up.

Go to "Plans" in the sidebar and edit the plan on which you would like to give a discount. Scroll down to "Discounts" and choose which discount should apply.

Via Discount Codes at Checkout

If you want customers to get a discount on checkout you can create discount codes that your customers can enter.

To learn how to create discount codes, please see the following article: Creating discount codes

If you don't see the discount to apply make sure the desired discount is activated and it's not set to automatically apply at checkout.

Applying manually to a customer

Click on "Customers" in the sidebar and find your customer. Click on it to open the subscribers detail page. Scroll down to "Applied discounts" and click on "Apply discount"

Deactivating a discount

If you don't need a discount anymore you can simply deactivate it. You can do that on the Discounts view by clicking on Deactivate next to the desired discount.

If you have any questions about discount codes don't hesitate to contact us!

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