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Introduction to signing up customers
Introduction to signing up customers
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One of the most important aspect of running your business is signing up new customers and getting them subscribed to your products and services.

With Firmhouse, there are several options to sign up new customers and hooking up your existing website or webshop:

  • Firmhouse Checkout: customisable signup flows already available in your project.

  • Connect to an e-commerce platform like Shopify and WooCommerce.

  • By integrating with our API and building your own custom signup flow.

There are a couple of additional settings and configuration options you can use to suite the Firmhouse checkout and payment flow to the needs of your business. See below which signup strategies are available in Firmhouse:

Single-step e-commerce style checkout

In an e-commerce setup your customers will sign up via an online checkout flow that they initiate on your website or webshop. They select a plan or put (recurring) products in their shopping cart in Firmhouse Checkout or in your e-commerce. Then they confirm their checkout and make their payment for the initial order to activate their subscription. Finally, you fulfil the order in Firmhouse or in your e-commerce platform.

Multi-step checkout

Firmhouse also supports more complex signup flows for business models where a signup needs to consist of multiple steps.

For example, if you're selling your subscription products through retail channels, then customers will need to sign up in a retail store. A customer then signs up to your products on a public or shared computer terminal linked to that store. To prevent customers from providing their payment details on a public computer they will confirm their subscription via a second step on their own device.

Advanced checks and business logic

For specific business models such as rental and lease, there are more business logic steps to perform before a customer can be fully accepted and activated. This mainly to prevent fraud and the exposure of loss of valuable physical assets.

Firmhouse supports various advanced settings and integrations to provide a smooth signup experience for these types of models:

  • Verifying a customer's identity

  • Performing any credit or acceptance checks

  • Detecting payment method fraud

  • Have your customers sign a contract

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