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Learn how to set up a regular e-commerce cart

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Out of the box Firmhouse works as a one click checkout. Meaning that customers go straight to the checkout after selecting a product to subscribe to.

That works great for shops where customers only subscribe to one product or plan at a time.

But sometimes you want to offer traditional e-commerce cart functionality so that customers can add multiple products before going to checkout.

Enabling the cart

To enable the shopping cart go to Checkout > Preferences and scroll down to Checkout Flow.

Check the "Enable shopping cart" box and update your project.

Congratulations, you now have a cart!

Integrating the cart into your store

The only thing left is to tell your web shop which product it should load add to the cart when a customer clicks on your Buy button.

You need to do that for every product in your shop. This is a one time set up.

First go to Products and locate the product. Click on the three dots and then on "Copy cart URL".

The URL is now copied to your clipboard. Go to your webshop and add that URL to your "Buy" button.

Repeat the process for every product in your web store.

This works in the same way if you are using plans.

If you are looking to add several products (or plans) to the cart with one click, check out this article: Build advanced checkout URL's

Configuring your cart

The cart works out of the box and doesn't need any configuration.

There are two things you can adjust however:

  1. Where a customer goes after clicking on "Continue Shopping"

  2. The name of the button to go from Cart to Checkout

To do that go to Checkout > Adjust Content and click on the "Cart" tab

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