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Let customers manage their subscription

Learn how your customers can use the self service centre to free up your time spent on customer support

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The Firmhouse platform offers your subscribers a way to manage their subscription. We call it the Self Service Centre.

It works out of the box (no configuration needed) and customers that signed up for your subscription will be able to log in and manage their subscription.

In this article you will learn:

  • What your customers can do in there

  • How customers can access it and how you can include it in your email conversations

  • How to customise the self service center

What customers can do in there

Once logged in, your customers can:

  • See a breakdown of their monthly costs

  • Adjust the shipping date of their next order and update shipping frequency (for Smart order based subscriptions)

  • Find all receipts

  • View previous orders (for Smart order based subscriptions)

  • Cancel their subscription

  • ...and many more features coming soon!

How customers can access it

We recommend that you include the link to the self service center in every email conversation.

Let's first have a look at how you can find the link.

You will find the link in Settings > Self Service Center

This will give you the log in link. Customers can log in using the same email address they used to sign up for your subscription. They don't need to create a password, login happens via email.

Copy the link and include it on your website or in any email conversation.

You can include the link in any email that gets sent by Firmhouse.

If for example you want to include it in the monthly charge email that a customer receives, go to Settings > Email configuration > Billing cycle notification

There you can include the link to your self service center.

You can also just copy this code block. Just make sure to replace the link to point to your self service center

<a href="">Click here to manage your subscription</a>

Want to learn more about formatting emails? We've put together a small guide.

How to customise the self service center

You are able to:

  • Upload a logo

  • Set an accent color

To do that go to Settings > Your Business and scroll down to "Branding".

The logo will be shown at the top of the self service center. The accent color is for now only being used on the log in screen. More customisation options will follow soon.

Heavier customisation is available on-demand. Please get in touch with us.

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