If you are using the Shopify integration (Beta) you can have different shipping rates per country on the Firmhouse checkout.

Once connected, Firmhouse uses the shipping rates that you have set up in Shpoify.

In this article you'll learn how to set up your Firmhouse project in order to get the shipping rates from Shopify

How to sync shipping rates

In Firmhouse, go to Settings > Subscription Model and scroll down to Countries.

Here you can control the countries that are available as shipping destinations on the Firmhouse checkout.

In order to sync shipping rates, make sure that these match up with the shipping rates you set in Shopify.

Example: If you created a shipping rate in Shopify for Germany, that rate will only be synced when Germany is enabled as a country in Firmhouse.

Here's a setup that would sync shipping rates for Belgium and the Netherlands

Good to know:

  • Multiple shipping rates for the same country are not supported yet. It is recommended to not set up multiple rates per country.
  • You can group countries into zones if they share the same rate. This will also sync it to Firmhouse, given that country is enabled in Settings > Subscription Model
  • No shipping will be charged at checkout if a country is enabled in Firmhouse but doesn't have a shipping rate set in Shopify

Please note that the Shopify integration is in Beta. Don't hesitate to reach out to us via Chat or Email

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