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Using shipping rates from Shopify
Using shipping rates from Shopify

Use your Shopify configured shipping rates.

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You can set up Firmhouse to use the shipping rates you configured in Shopify. When Shopify shipping rates are enabled, you can take advantage of a lot of shipping rate rules you can set up in Shopify, such as:

  • Country-based shipping rates. Apply different shipping rates in different countries you're shipping to.

  • Product-based shipping rules. Add or remove shipping based on which products are in an order.

  • Free shipping thresholds. Apply free shipping when certain products or the order value is above a certain amount.

In this article, you'll learn how to set up your Firmhouse project to get the shipping rates from Shopify. You'll also learn at what moments does Firmhouse sync shipping costs from Shopify and how this may impact certain use cases.

Connecting Firmhouse to Shopify shipping rates

To start using shipping rates from Shopify, enable the setting in your Firmhouse project.


  1. In your Firmhouse project, go to Settings > Shipping from the sidebar.

  2. Under Settings, check Take shipping rates from Shopify

  3. Click Update project

After this is done, Firmhouse will start pulling in shipping rates for new Checkouts and recurring orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are shipping costs fetched from Shopify?

There are three important moments when Firmhouse fetches shipping rates from your Shopify store to turn them into shipping costs on a Firmhouse order:

  1. At Checkout: we'll fetch the shipping rate and costs when a customers opens the Checkout page

  2. At recurring order generation: Whenever we charge for and generate a new recurring order, we will update the shipping costs from your Shopify shipping rates.

  3. On subscription changes: When a customer updates their shipping address or the composition of their subscription products. This way we make sure that any price calculations for future orders are calculated in advance.

What products are used for calculating the shipping rate?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the products that are included in the next order.

On Checkout, shipping costs are based on all the products that should be shipped immediately. Any product set up as ship later will not be included in the shipping cost calculation.

On subscription changes and recurring order generation, shipping costs are based on all the products for the next immediate order. So any products that have a shipping date later than the upcoming order, will not be included in the shipping cost calculation.

What about free shipping?

To use a free shipping threshold you need to set up the order value ranges in Shopify correctly. If you want to give customers free shipping from an order value of €30 and up, you would configure a shipping cost for all others from €0-29,99 and add a free shipping line for all amounts of €30 and up.

💡Make sure shipping rates don't overlap! This will create unpredictable results as Shopify may then return a shipping rate to Firmhouse that should not be applied.

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