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Ask customers for company name on signup
Ask customers for company name on signup
Written by Michiel Sikkes
Updated over a week ago

Depending on your proposition you might sell B2B and B2C in the same project.

On the B2B checkout you might to collect a customers company name, while on the B2C checkout this information is not needed.

In this article you will learn how to set up your checkout to do exactly that.

Create a checkout that asks for company name

Find the link on your online store that links to the B2B checkout. At the end of that link simply add ?customer_type=business

This will automatically add the "Company Name" field to the checkout

Here's an example:

Once signed up, you will see the company name displayed next to the customers name:

Don't ask for company name on checkout

Repeat the same steps as above but add &customer_type=consumer at the end of your URL.


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