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Learn how to make your checkout multilingual

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The default language for all customer facing screens and emails is set to English.

They are also available and fully translated to the following languages:

  • Dutch

  • German

  • French

  • Swedish

  • Polish

In this article you will learn how to

  • adjust the languages for all customer facing screens and emails

  • translate the checkout flow

  • translate your emails

  • link your webshop to the correct checkout URL

Change the available languages

In order to select or change one of those languages go to Settings > Subscription Model and scroll down to Languages

Adjust translations on your checkout flow

Most labels and buttons are automatically translated on your checkout flow.

If you are using custom text make sure to provide a translation for those as well.

There is a language switcher at the top of the page that allows you to choose which language to edit the page in:

Note: This option only shows up if multiple languages are enabled on your project

Translate your emails

Emails are not automatically translated. To translate those, go to Settings -> Email configuration. On the left side you will see a language switcher.

Go through every relevant email and provide a translation for it.

Link your webshop to the correct checkout URL

This step is important if your webshop runs in multiple languages.

In order to get the correct URL of your checkout page, make sure you selected the right language and click on "Preview Page"

Copy that URL. It will look something like this:


Notice the little language indicator:

  • /nl/ means that this page is set to Dutch.

  • /en/ would be English, etc...

With this in mind you can now go through all existing links in your webshop that link to the Firmhouse checkout and adjust the URL so that it points to the right language.

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