Connecting your Shopify shop
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Firmhouse offers a Shopify integration so that you can use Shopify as a storefront and have Firmhouse handle subscriptions and generate recurring orders for your products.

This article will explain how you can connect your Shopify shop to Firmhouse and how you can configure the settings for the integration.

Connecting your Shopify shop to Firmhouse

To connect your Shopify shop to Firmhouse, you'll need to create a Shopify Custom App and copy-paste the API credentials into your Firmhouse project. Follow the following instructions to do so.

First, create a Custom App

  1. Log into your Shopify shop.

  2. In the left sidebar navigate to Apps.

  3. Click on Develop apps for your store button near the bottom of the page.

  4. You might see a consent information about creating and managing custom apps. You can confirm this consent.

  5. Click Create an app

  6. In the section App details, fill out App name with "Firmhouse".
    Select one of your own accounts as the contact person
    โ€‹Fill out Emergency developer email with ""

  7. In the section Configuration, in the element Admin API Integration, click Configure

  8. Choose Read and write for the following permissions (see screenshot below):

    1. Customers (write_customers, read_customers)

    2. Draft Orders (write_draft_orders, read_draft_orders)

    3. Orders (write_order, read_orders)

    4. Products (write_products, read_products)

  9. Leave Webhook subscriptions API version on the (latest) version.

  10. Click Save and click Install app (top right).
    Confirm by clicking the Install button in the popup.

  11. Copy the "Admin API access token" by clicking "Reveal token once" for the next step (begins with shpat_)

Connect the Shopify Custom App to your Firmhouse project

  1. Under the API credentials section of the Shopify Custom App you created, find the Admin API access token field. Copy-paste the contents field to your clipboard.

  2. In your Firmhouse project, go to Settings > Apps in the sidebar.

  3. Find the app called Shopify and click Configure.

  4. Paste the Admin API access token from the Shopify Private App into the Shopify Access Token field.

  5. Enter the URL of your shop in the Your Shopify Store Domain field (ie.

  6. Click Save.

  7. You should now see a green status with Connected in the Status widget.

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