Add a customer service page to the self service center

Learn how to add your contact channels and other information such as FAQ's to the self service center

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This article explains how to configure a customer service page in the Self Service Center. You'll learn how to set up your contact channels and add additional information such as FAQ's or other important information.

Here's how the customer service page looks like to your subscribers in the self service center:

Enable the customer service page

Enable the page by going to Settings > Self Service Center and scroll down to Support page.

You can add several things:

Message to customers

This is useful to add important information about your subscription, deliveries, FAQ's, etc...

You can use HTML to style your text and create links. Available HTML tags are:

  • Bold: <b>This text is bold</b>

  • Italic: <i>This text is italic<i>

  • Links: <a href="https://example" target="_blank">This is a link</a>

Support phone number & email address

These two support channels will be visible to customers on the customer service page.

Don't forget to save your changes!

Managing multiple languages

If you have multiple languages you will find a dropdown menu. Make sure you fill out the fields for every language, otherwise customers might see an empty support page.

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