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Subprocessors of your Customer Data
Subprocessors of your Customer Data
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Updated February 2024

Firmhouse uses the following services and subprocessors to store your customer's data and offer additional functionality like sending emails.

Certain subprocessors are optional and will depend on which services and integrations are enabled in your Firmhouse project.

If you're looking for our privacy policy and subprocessors with regards to direct users of the Firmhouse platform or when contacting our support and sales teams, please refer to our privacy policy.

Standard subprocessors:

  • Heroku (hosting platform and databases)

    • Amazon Web Services

  • Mailjet (email service)

  • Appsignal (logging service)

Enabling optional modules in Firmhouse may result in the following subprocessors:

  • Stripe (when using Firmhouse Payments / Stripe Connect)

  • Focum (acceptance and credit checks)

  • Signicat (identity verification)

  • Pipedream (integration middleware)

  • WorkOS (enterprise authentication and SSO)

  • Veriff (identity verification)

  • Intrum (invoice collection)

You may need to define the following services as your own subprocessors in case you use any of their integrations and connections in your Firmhouse projects:

  • Klaviyo

  • Picqer

  • Shopify

  • PSPs

    • Mollie

    • Adyen

    • Stripe

  • Focum

  • Signicat

  • TaxJar

  • Active Ants

  • Intrum

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