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Audit Logs
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Firmhouse supports tracking of important security-related events in an audit log. The audit log is browsable from the Firmhouse portal. But you can also export logs into CSV or even stream them to a support SIEM via Amazon S3, DataDog, and Splunk.

Setting up Audit Logs

The Audit Logs feature is configured and set up via our Enterprise onboarding services. Please get in touch with our team or your direct onboarding contact if you're interested or need help with this feature.

Accessing Audit Logs

Any user that is a project manager of all projects in an Enterprise Tenant can access Audit Logs.


  • Log into the Firmhouse portal via your own SSO portal or the designated SSO login URL for your Enterprise Tenant.

  • From the My Account menu on the top-right, click View audit Logs.

  • A new page will now appear which gives you access to browse, search, and export audit logs to CSV.

❓ If you do not see the Audit Logs in the my account menu it is possible that your user does not have the appropriate access rights. Or that you are perhaps not logged into an Enterprise Tenant.

If you need help with accessing audit logs. Please get in touch with our team!

Streaming audit logs to your SIEM

Audit logs can be set up to stream to your SIEM. Our team can provide your IT or security team with an onboarding setup wizard to set up the connection.

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