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Generating reports of your data
Generating reports of your data
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Firmhouse offers various exports that you can generate and download. We will keep updating and adding various standard reports and exports as we receive feedback from you as customers.

Generating and downloading a report


  1. In your Firmhouse project, go to Reports in the sidebar.

  2. Find the report you need and click Get report

  3. Fill out the input parameters for your report. Some are required. And some are optional.

  4. Choose the fields you want included in the report.

  5. Click Generate report.

  6. Wait for the report to be generated. This hopefully takes only a few seconds or minutes. But on large exports with wide date ranges it could take up to an hour to generate.

  7. A download button will appear under the Generated reports heading.

  8. Click Download

Reports are automatically removed 24 hours after being created.

Longer loading time of a report

Sometimes, downloading a report can take extended periods of time, let's say 35 minutes or longer. In that case, you can try:

  • refreshing the page; the download progress will still be there

  • changing the dates for which you are generating the report.

    Reducing the timespan reduces the file size which can greatly reduce processing time

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